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Do3 Pull Buoy

Do3 Pull Buoy

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Pull buoys are there to do a job. They are a tool of the trade so it's important that you get the right one for you, your needs and your body position. Pull buoys are not all the same so take the time to get the correct one. 

We have had these two pull buoys specially produced. One is 'regular' size and perfect for those with good natural body position. We also have the 'double Do3' large size for those who need more. The double Do3 is so called because it has approximately twice as much buoyancy as the regular. 

Coloured with our distinctive Do3 green, you won't see many others like this at the pool so it should be easy to spot!


  • Regular 23cm (long) x 10cm (widest part) x 16cm (deep)
  • Large 30cm x 12cm x 15cm 
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